Programming Evaluation Platform : PraktizTech

Automatic code evaluation based on input-output test cases

Languages: C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby

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PraktizTech coding evaluation software

Industry standard coding evaluation

Standard coding evaluation done by IT companies encompassed in PraktizTech’s coding problems and test cases. They are designed to be in line with academic coding programs as well.

Who is it for?

PraktizTech has been customised to suit the requirements of Corporates in recruitments, Colleges in training, and Students in skill enhancement.

For Companies

The Corporate version of PraktizTech can be used to

  • Do the first level screening of freshers to assess their technical capability
  • Check the technical competence of a lateral hire in various programming languages
  • Evaluate the participants after an internal training program
  • During project development as a testing tool in mathematically oriented projects
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For Colleges

The Academic version of PraktizTech can be used by colleges as a

  • Evaluation tool to assess the coding capability of the students
  • Live Lab to give coding assignments to students
  • Track on the technical progress of an individual student or a group of students
  • Platform to prepare the students for placements
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For Individuals

The Academic version of PraktizTech can be used by individuals as a

  • Platform to hone their coding skills for placements
  • Tool to learn the next coding language after having learned one
  • Software to check their ability to code for boundary conditions

Used in unison, our Aptitude Test Platform – PraKtiz, and PraktizTech can take students to the next level of preparedness.

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We can customise the Programming Tasks and Contest delivery depending on the requirement. The Following are the standard offerings. Please contact us for customisation possibilities and pricing details.

Praktiz Aptitude Testing

For Companies

  • PraktizTech Programming excellers for direct recruitment
  • PraktizTech platform for testing programming skills during hiring
  • PraktizTech platform for internal training, recruitment, and project development
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Praktiz Aptitude Testing

For Colleges

  • Academic and Industry-Standard programming tasks
  • All standard reports and tracking for Live Labs
  • Flexibility to add original tasks to the contests
  • Exposure for students to real-world programming requirements
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Praktiz Aptitude Testing

For Students

  • Industry Standard Programming tasks to hone your skills
  • Platform to code indifferent programming languages
  • Requirements that make you consider the boundary conditions
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