Konfidence PraktizTech Software Testing Tool

Automatic code correction based on input-output testcases

Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby

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PraktizTech coding evaluation software

Industry standard in coding evaluation

Years of coding evaluation by IT companies encompassed in coding problems and testcases. Inline with academic coding programs.

Experience counts

20 years of experience in coaching students for placement and higher education entrances.

Qualification counts

The entire training programme is run by two IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Kozhikode graduates.

Coaching helps

We mentor you to get to your best potential.

We have it all

An integrated suite of one-to-one mentoring and the best of training materials, videos, tests and software.

Who is it for?

We have a suite of products and services for Companies, Colleges, Experienced professionals and Students

For Companies

We can provide the best talent identified by Aptitude Tests and Programming Skills

  • Konfidence Aptitude Test excellers for direct recruitment
  • Praktiz Aptitude Test taking software for first level filtering
  • PraktizTech Programming testing platform for testing programming skill
  • PraktizTech Programming testing platform for internal training, recruitment, project development

PraktizTech Software

The Problem

1) Is there a situation when the new recruit seems to be a technical misfit?
2) Have you been in a situation where a senior position gets filled only by personal interview and the new recruit seems to be half as efficient as what he was during the interview?
3) Have you craved for a cost effective training and assessment tool?
4) Has there been an instance where the technical/language training went on very well but the participant does not seem to show better performance?
5) Is there a mathematical project where the tester is overburdened with testing the logic for all outcomes from different people in the project?

PraKtiz Tech is the solution for all this!

PraKtiz Tech is a software product that helps an IT company in recruitment, training and assessment of training outcomes. It is software that helps to evaluate a programme written for its efficiency. It can be used with the same effectiveness for recruiting freshers as well as experienced people. It is a tool that can be used to train people on programming languages. It can act as a live lab and at the end of the course the evaluation can be done on the same platform.

It is a software product that allows the user to showcase all the test scenarios and write programmes encompassing the entire set of given test cases. In case of mathematical programmes this can be a boon to the programmers and the testers in a way that the test cases can be embedded into the requirements. The tester can provide invisible test cases so that any malpractice is avoided.

The users are of two types, the admin and the user. The admin is the super user who can control all the product usage settings.

This product is ideal for mid-sized project teams for recruitment, training, evaluation and programming. It can be a Single product Multi use kind of a system that will be used in one form or the other in any given project scenario.

PraktizTech Demo Screens

Snapshot of PraktizTech Software

PraktizTech Programming Evaluation Software


Login Screen

PraktizTech Programming Evaluation Software


Programming Contest Screen

PraktizTech Programming Evaluation Software


Coding Screen


We have a range of solutions from Saas to White-labelled solution. Please contact us for rates.

Software as a Service

  • Purchase as per use to run in Cloud hosted solution Praktiztech.in
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Customised white labelled solution

  • The interfaces and reports can be customised
  • The UI changed to match that of the organisation
  • Organisation specific workflows can be built in
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