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Areas: Quantitative techniques and Logic, Verbal ability, Data analytics

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Praktiz Aptitude training software

Aptitude tests with 1000 questions

Years of aptitude testing questions used by companies in their hiring process, as well as questions in entrance exams.

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18 years of experience in coaching students for placement and higher education entrances.

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The entire training programme is run by two IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Kozhikode graduates.

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We mentor you to get to your best potential.

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An integrated suite of one-to-one mentoring and the best of training materials, videos, tests and software.

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We have a suite of products and services for Colleges

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We have complete integration with the training and placement cell of colleges for training the students to qualify in the Aptitude tests for company recruitment.

  • Konfidence Aptitude Training by experienced faculty all rolled into the questions in Praktiz software
  • Praktiz Aptitude Test taking software
  • PraktizTech Programming testing platform

Praktiz Aptitude Test Software

What is PraKtiz?
PraKtiz is a computer based aptitude test practice system that will introduce, encourage and then challenge students to perform well in aptitude tests. It is an offering from Konfidence, a Kochi based company with a formidable track record in Aptitude Test Training in Kerala. PraKtiz is a unique program because it provides a model for continuous year- long practice in a controlled setting. A PraKtiz module comprises of twenty-five well designed tests that would provide adequate and relevant practice to any fresher preparing for campus recruitment. PraKtiz will help students in other competitive aptitude tests also and will even act as preparatory tool for their overseas ambitions. These 25 PraKtiz tests differ in their structure, difficulty levels and scoring patterns. They have different combinations of common aptitude test sections viz., Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation, Logical Ability and Technical Ability. These tests will help students to be adept at handling different test patterns. PraKtiz has been designed keeping in mind the logistics of providing practice during college hours. Each test is of 40 minutes duration, ideal for any test to be administered within one period in a working day.

Why? We believe that the right support at the right time can make a real positive impact on performance in this competitive world. Most of the graduating students look forward to having a head-start from campus by securing a placement before they move out. At Konfidence we strive to support the college managements in their effort to provide this head start to their students. During campus recruitments, companies use aptitude tests to screen the candidates. In order to perform well in aptitude tests, students should have conceptual clarity and continuous practice. Since majority of campus recruitment tests are now online, familiarity with that mode is important. PraKtiz addresses this requirement for relevant and regular online aptitude test practice that could be administered within the time constraints of an academic framework.

An installation of PraKtiz is intended for use by a batch of students of the college for a year. The PraKtiz software is a SAAS product, Students can access the tests from anywhere through the internet. Each student of the batch will have a unique user login created for access to PraKtiz. Training and Placement Officer (TPO) will have an admin login called ‘TPO login’ in PraKtiz. Features built into the TPO login will enable the TPO to have full control of the implementation. The TPO selects a test (out of the 25) for administration and gives a timeframe for taking the test to students. If one class hour is devoted to PraKtiz every week in the time table an entire class can take a PraKtiz test in that designated hour. At the end of the stipulated time period the TPO can evaluate the aggregated data from the reports and converse with students on their performance. These periodic year round practice sessions will ensure subconscious learning. This cycle continues and will become a part of the curriculum, steadily increasing the performance of the students in competitive tests.

The Training and placement officer will have complete control over the whole process. TPO can decide who is going to take the test, which test is taken, when and where the test is taken. PraKtiz test reports will help the TPO to continuously monitor the performance of students individually and batch wise. Thus the TPO can assess the standard of the students and opt for specific training or other remedial actions as and when required. There are 2 versions of PraKtiz, one for each batch of a college starting from the third year. All in all it is a management driven tool for better management of the training and evaluation systems in any college. Konfidence will act as a facilitator and give support to the college through the implementation. Konfidence will ensure that the installation and training is done and shall guide the TPO in deciphering the results. It is advisable to start implementation of PraKtiz after a couple of days of in-class training on the basic topics.

Benefits of PraKtiz Implementation

  • Access to original test questions developed by Konfidence
  • Continuous Practice & Systematic Aptitude Preparation
  • Utility of the Placement Training Hour
  • Increase in TPO - Student interaction
  • Early exposure to Placement Processes
  • Formation of Placement Preparation Culture

A successful implementation of PraKtiz will familiarise the students with the placement process, create an environment conducive for self-learning and motivate them to excel.


We can customise the number of the days and content delivery for your college. Following are the standard packages. Please contact us for the rates.

Customised days Placement training

  • Praktiz Aptitude Testing tool enabled Placement training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aptitude training necessary?

The first round of Corporate Recruitment of freshers is usually an Aptitude Test. Only students who clear the Aptitude Test shall be eligible for the interviews. In a highly competitive environment training will help to stay one step ahead of the competition. Yes, preparation for aptitude tests is absolutely necessary.


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